Why Catalano

…is the perfect choice!


Graduation is the experience of a lifetime ...

and so is your Senior Portrait!


Let’s Celebrate YOU!

Going above and beyond the traditional

school photography is what Catalano Studio does best!



Your Image ...Are you fun, wild, edgy or even quirky ~ let’s Celebrate YOU!

Your Style ...Wear clothes that depict the personality YOU bring to the Universe!

Your Vision….How do you want people to remember YOU today… and 20 years from now?



TIPS for a Fabulous Session:


1. Clothing…At least one outfit to bring out your eye color. Darker and deep colorful clothes can help create that fabulous pop we see in so many of the magazines. Long sleeves can often be more complimentary. And let's not forget the prom dress!!  We LOVE glamour!  The more we have to work with, the more creative we can be.  Just remember, it's better to have it & not use it than to not bring it & decide you want it.…bring what makes you smile <3


2.  Hair ...Wear it in your favorite style.  You can change it as much as you like when booking one of our Extended Sessions with different looks.


3.  In regard to Nails…Guys: your hands will show in some images and Ladies: any opportunity for a mani-pedi puts a smile on the face of a Catalano girl!


4. Accessories…If you like it, bring it! Some of our greatest sessions come from an inspiration piece. It's YOUR session with YOUR style.  Bring a variety of clothes that express your personality and accessorize because those little extras show who you really are. Bring jewelry, hats, sunglasses, boots, coats, letterman jackets, medals, awards, sports equipment, guitars, drum sets, snow boards, skateboards, motorcycles, cars, 4-wheelers, pets, friends, siblings... anything that makes you YOU! 


5. Make-up …there’s nothing more wonderful than treating yourself to a makeover where a professional

can accentuate the contour of your face to perfection. However, for those who enjoy a more natural look, 

we suggest an extra application of mascara and bringing lipgloss or lipstick for touch up.


6. Tanning…avoid being overly tanned for your skin type as it can appear to add weight to your face and body. Also avoid sunburns, especially TAN LINES!


7. Music... Bring your iPod. We have a docking station in our studio so that you can have fun while listening to music you enjoy!


8. Concerns about blemishes, shadows? Don't worry we’ve got you covered.

9. Shoes…Anything goes but shoes that lift and slim us are always recommended for full length images, flats and boots are perfect when complimenting the outfit. Bring your favorites and we’ll find the perfect fit!

10. Don’t forget to inquire about our friends session…the more the merrier!                


What to Expect with your Senior Portrait


         During the initial phone or in-studio consultation we will do four main things:

1) Discuss what type of portraiture you are looking for. We will work with you to create the perfect portrait session- portrait style, clothing, props, location, time of day.
2) Schedule your portrait session
3) Schedule your view & order session (slide preview)
4) Confirm your sessions with your session fee. This holds your date and time for both sessions.

In studio consultations are always best so you can see our many product offerings and begin to visualize how you want to display portrait art in your home.


When planning for your session, clothing plays a large role in setting the tone. We want you to be relaxed and have a blast, so please make sure to take time for a bite prior to your session. This allows you to enjoy the entire Catalano portrait experience ~ the more time we have with you, the more creative we can be !


To simplify the ordering process please do the following:

1) Email us pictures of any walls on which you may want to display your portraits(you can even use your phone!). Just let us know the exact measurement of any item in the snapshot or you can use a 12 inch ruler if the walls are bare. During your ordering session, we will be able to use your snapshots to show you exactly what different sized wall portraits would look like in your home.

2) Make a list of friends & family that you want to give portraits to


 Approximately 10 days after your portrait session you will get to view your images for the first time via an amazing slideshow that is projected onto a large screen. Since you will be placing your order at this time, please be sure that anyone that needs to be involved in the decision making attends this session. Anyone else, such as parents and grandparents, who want to be part of the viewing and ordering process are more than welcome to join us. Please allow ample time for this session as we do not want your decisions to be rushed.

We will guide you through the process of selecting your favorite portraits and will be there to answer any questions along the way. Our ordering software makes this process easy and fun and it also us to show you different options such as actual size, cropping and color.

Once your favorite portraits have been selected, we will use those portraits to fulfill your wants & needs - whether it be gift portraits for friends & family, framed wall portraits, canvas gallery wraps, or custom designed albums (to name a few)!

A down payment is required to finalize your portrait order. Your portrait order will then be placed into production 48 hours later, after which no changes may be made to your order other than additions.


We use the best printing labs to create the highest quality portraits possible. Depending upon the products ordered, your portraits will be ready to pick up approximately 8-12 weeks after your order is finalized. Rush fees are available. We will contact you as soon as your portraits are ready so that we can schedule a time for you to pick them up. When you pick up your portraits we will go over your order with you to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. We can also select frames if we haven’t already done so. Portrait orders can be shipped upon request for an additional fee.


Payment options include cash, check, debit, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover