Commissioning Our Artwork vs Original Artwork fees


The commissioning of original artwork which celebrates the most precious moments of our lives is a wise and loving investment.


Having your portrait taken is a unique and creative undertaking. Our portrait artists draw upon talent and experience to make your portrait  a one-of-a-kind statement that communicates your creative vision powerfully and enhances the decor of your home in a deeply personal way.


A full, complementary preplanning consultation allows us to coordinate the location, backgrounds, props, accessories, and clothing to set the mood for the artistic scene. Your portrait possibilities are endless! After discussion of the vision for your portrait session, we will then schedule a specific date and time. A creation fee/retainer is paid and you are then ready for the next step in the process - the fun, glamour, and artistry of your portrait session!


Creation Fees

Indoor Studio/Studio Grounds Creation Fee Starting at $150.00

Creation Fee on Location Starting at $ 225.00

Seaside Creation Fee Starting at $ 300.00


About two weeks after your Portrait Session, we will arrange a Slide Presentation appointment. This exciting way of presenting your images in consultation with our staff helps you visualize your finished portraits. Our portrait consultant will project your images in a variety of sizes, and will discuss artistic options such as custom finishes, compositional adjustments, retouching, textures, artistic enhancements, mounting and framing. We also suggest a variety of display options, in order to achieve the finest professionally-finished portraits.


Everyone interested in ordering is invited to be present at the initial display session, which is included in your creation fee. You will spend approximately two hours at the studio for this session, choosing from an exciting array of artistic possibilities. We request a two-thirds deposit upon placement of your order, which will take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete.



The artists of Catalano Studio specialize in capturing the extraordinary, so that your memories are transformed into touchstones of rare and boundless beauty. Our studio takes great pride in creating an individualized collection of artwork to honor your needs and your vision. We want to be part of your story. We welcome your commission and look forward to creating a collection designed just for you!